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CLYD is a store for genuine leather goods. It is a place where the touch of exquisite leather complements your every endeavor. Now you can elevate your daily experiences with the refined luxury and timeless elegance that our real leather goods bring to your world. Discover the fine artistry, classy sophistication, and enduring quality that align perfectly with your aspirations.



Genuine Leather Jackets


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“CLYD earns trust with durable, head-turning leather. Impressive variety caters to all tastes. It’s my one-stop-shop for leather fashion!”
Camille Magnolia
“CLYD’s leather is a game-changer—buttery soft, trendy yet timeless design. Effortlessly cool and chic, I’m hooked on their excellence!”
“CLYD nails it for leather enthusiasts! Stylish and comfy leather pants, a user-friendly website, and prompt customer service. I’m officially a CLYD fan!”
Sabrina Murray


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